UPDATE: Original “Dark Shadows” Rises from the Dead on CBS’ DECADES TV Network

Jonathan-Frid-portrayed-the-200-year-old-vampire-in-the-1966-71-gothic-soap-opera-Dark-Shadows.-Johnny-Depp-has-reprised-the-rUpdated 5/25/15 – Updated info in italics

You can’t keep a good vampire down.

Nearly half a century after its debut, the original Dark Shadows TV series is returning to television on DECADES, an over-the-air digital TV network co-owned by CBS and Weigel Broadcasting (the folks behind MeTV). DECADES will “binge” the undyingly popular 1960s supernatural soap opera for a 68-hour marathon beginning Wednesday, May 13 at 6 p.m. and concluding Saturday, May 16 at 2 p.m. (ET).

DECADES’ marathon will include 130 episodes, or roughly six months worth of daily, thirty-minute programs. The binge will begin the introduction of vampire Barnabas Collins (actually just his hand coming out of a coffin) in episode 210 and conclude with episode 340, wherein a bat visits mettlesome Dr. Dave Woodward and confirms his suspicions about the mysterious new vampire in town.

Dark Shadows is part of a unique, five-month programming stunt called (appropriately) The Binge, leading to DECADES’ official launch on May 25 as a digital sub-channel on CBS-owned TV stations. The network soft-launched on January 16 on 16 CBS affiliates, including stations in 8 of the top 10 TV markets. Like other nostalgic digital multicast networks (MeTV, NBC’s COZI TV, Tribune’s Antenna TV), DECADES is available for free with a digital antenna (just like TV used to be), with carriage on local cable systems varying from market to market. Weigel, which also owns the MOVIES! and Heroes & Icons digi-nets and created This TV, is also expected to offer DECADES! directly to local cable systems in markets without a broadcast affiliate. No word yet on satellite availability, but COZI TV is carried part-time on DISH and AT&T U-Verse, so there’s hope for DECADES. (For more on digital sub-channels and how they came to be, click here.)

6a00e55127ad3588330163047310ee970d-800wiBetween June of 1966 and April of 1971, Dark Shadows aired an astounding 1,225 episodes, nearly all of which are still extant. America’s first – and still only – supernatural daytime drama starred Canadian actor Jonathan Frid as Barnabas, the “reluctant vampire” who became an unlikely teen heartthrob. The ABC series spawned toys, comic books, trading cards, a Billboard-charting soundtrack album, and two MGM feature films, both directed by series creator Dan Curtis: HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS (1970) with Frid reprising his TV role and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) with David Selby as Quentin Collins. Dark Shadows was revived by NBC in 1991 for a 12-episode primetime series with Ben Cross as Barnabas, and again by Warner Bros. in 2012 as a feature film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. (A pilot for a proposed 2004 reboot was not picked up by The WB.)

The DECADES broadcast will mark Dark Shadows’ return to free, over-the-air TV for the first time in more than 20 years. The series aired in syndicated reruns on broadcast stations and PBS affiliates nationwide from April of 1982 until the early 1990s, then moved to cable for an 11-year run on the Sci-Fi channel that concluded in December of 2003. Since then, the only access to Dark Shadows has been home video and V.O.D. (240 episodes stream on Hulu Plus and 280 are available on Amazon for $1.99 each, or $39.99 per 40-episode set.)

Update 2/3/15 – Shadowgram, the official Dark Shadows newsletter, is reporting that DECADES will air “upgraded copies of various episodes from previous rerun broadcasts.” Because of the series’ origins on analog videotape, high definition remastering is not possible. Although DECADES broadcasts in widescreen (16:9), Dark Shadows will air in its original, 4:3 aspect ratio. 

darkshadows02-00cvrDECADES will initially be available in more than 33 percent of the U.S., including CBS-owned stations in New York City (WCBS, where it airs on channel 2.2 as of Jan 16), Los Angeles (KCBS, 2.2, as of Feb 3), Chicago (WBBM, 2.2, Jan 29), Philadelphia (KYW, 3.3, Jan 16), Dallas (KTVT, 11.2, Feb 3), San Francisco (KPIX, 5.2, Feb 3), Boston (WBZ, 4.2, Feb 26), Detroit (WWJ, 62.2, Feb 10), Minneapolis-St. Paul (WCCO, 4.2 and its satellite stations KCCO and KCCW, Mar 10), Miami (WFOR, 4.2, Mar 7), Denver (KCNC, 4.2, Jan 23), Sacramento (KOVR, 13.2, Feb 3), Pittsburgh (KDKA, 2.2, Mar 16), and Baltimore (WJZ, 13.2), with non-CBS affiliates in Nashville (WJDE, 31.3, Jan 8) and Green Bay (WBAY, 2.3, launch date TBD). Weigel-owned Milwaukee CBS station WDJT (58.4, Jan 16) also carries the station, with more affiliates expected to be announced as launch approaches.

Update 5/12/15 – Recently added DECADES affiliates include CBS-owned stations in  Atlanta (WUPA, 69.2, May 8) and Tacoma-Seattle (KSTW, 11.2, May 9). Non-CBS affiliates in Roanoke, Virginia (WDBJ, 11.3, Apr 27), Bristol, Tennessee/Tr-Cities (WCYB, 5.3, launched sometime before May 12), Fargo/Grand Forks, North Dakota (KRDK, 4.2, launched sometime before May 12), and New Bern, North Carolina (WCTI, 12.2, Feb 3) will also carry the network.  A complete affiliate list can also be accessed here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.03.10 AMDECADES will be programmed with a library of more than 100 classic television series owned, controlled, or licensed by CBS. Despite its initial broadcast on ABC, Dark Shadows falls into this category because its longtime syndication distributor Worldvision Enterprises was absorbed into CBS in a dizzying flurry of mergers, acquisitions and corporate spin-offs.

In addition to Dark Shadows, the DECADES soft launch will include binges of The Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Get Smart, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Mission Impossible (which airs non-stop for a full week). The full schedule is here.

Sadly, DECADES has no immediate plans to add Dark Shadows to its daily lineup at launch. But you never know. Because once Barnabas has risen, he won’t go back in his coffin without a fight.

Update 5/13/15 – The “Dark Shadows” binge begins tonight, and series star Lara Parker (Angelique) has taken to her Facebook page suggesting that fans email DECADES “saying how much you love the show and want to see all the episodes.” It’s an excellent idea, considering that DS has a loyal (and vocal) fanbase, and any start-up network has to be mindful of building an audience. The DECADES email address is feedback@decades.com  Or you can send a letter via snail mail (always more impactful) to:

Weigel Broadcasting
26 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60661

Update 5/14/15 – The Collinsport Historical Society points out today that “Dark Shadows” fans are already flooding the DECADES Facebook page with comments and requests to retain the show. If you’d like to do the same, here’s the link

Update 5/16/15 – DECADES has announced on Facebook that their binge programming will continue after the channel launches officially on May 25. So, while “Dark Shadows” will not be part of the daily broadcast schedule, there’s a very good chance it will return for one or more weekend binges in the future.

The best way to make that happen is to let DECADES know how much you enjoy the show. Comment on their Facebook page, tweet them, send emails, write letters. 

Updated 5/25/15 – DECADES officially launched today, with an unusual programming strategy: a different schedule every weekday, programmed in 6-hour blocks that repeat four times per day. As reported above, they’re continuing with the weekend binges, starting with “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” on May 30-31, “The Beverly Hillbillies” on June 6-7, and “That Girl” on June 13-14. No weekend schedule info is available past that point, as yet. 

Hat tip to Dark Shadows News on Facebook for breaking this news and for the Collinsport Historical Society for following it on a regular basis on the web, Twitter and Facebook


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104 Responses to UPDATE: Original “Dark Shadows” Rises from the Dead on CBS’ DECADES TV Network

  1. mandymarie20 says:

    Awesome! I just wish DirectTV carried the in between stations so I could view things like this.

    • Stu Gotz says:

      Dump DirectTV and save yourself some money. Cable and Satellite never have anything good on.

    • Ray Hoffman says:

      Buy one of those HD Clear TV indoor antenna for 14.95 at Walgreen or CVS and you can get the in between stations for Free. I have Directv and this.

    • Terri says:

      Yes get a Roku n save yourself a lot of money!!!! $8.00 a month for Netflix n $8 for Hulu n u have everything under the sun!!

      • Dale says:

        LOL NOT true whatsoever. You do NOT have “everything under the sun” available with those two. For example, Netflix has streaming video on only one or two seasons of a multiseason show. Other shows aren’t on either service.
        You’ll be spending more money to try to fill in the gaps with those 2. Not worth it.

  2. I hope Comcast carries it… Can’t wait to see Dark Shadows from the beginning…

    • Rod Labbe says:

      It won’t be from the beginning. Only from the introduction of Barnabas.

    • Brent Gordon says:

      Netflix streaming had “Dark Shadows” from the black and white beginning a year or two ago.

      • No, Netflix started from Barnabas – episode 210 is the one where Willie actually opens the coffin and the hand reaches out and grabs his throat.

      • Brent Gordon says:

        “Dark Shadows” on dvd from Netflix starts with the first 9 episodes from 1966 and I thought that was what I started watching on Netflix streaming a couple years ago. Just checked and it seems to be dvd only again. 26 seasons, 1245 episodes plus bonus features.

      • Susan Silverberg says:

        Stopped in middle of time travel story. Angelique storyline.

    • Susan Silverberg says:

      Comcast has it in my area, outside Philadelphia, PA. Where are you.


  4. It doesnt seem so long ago when TV was so entertaining.Even though less than a handful of stations, the one in a lifetime entertainment, featuring comedians,actors,music..the best of the best.Programs like THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW,HOLLYWOOD PALACE,THE HONEYMOONERS,WESTERNS,MUSIC WAS AT ITS BEST!!MUSICALS, REAL ROCK AND ROLL,From the dramatic to roll on the floor laughing.When FAMILY meant having little more than each other, yet that was more than enough.Watching The BEATLES, BONANZA,LOST IN SPACE, THE AVENGERS, MAN FROM UNCLE, IN MANY WAYS , WE or cracking up WATCHING JERRY LEWIS MOVIES, when laughing with DAD was the greatest feeling.So much family entertainment, and at Christmastime, oh the specials! Coming home from school to watch DARK SHADOWS, when in reality ,being so young ,we didnt have a clue to what was going on,yet it was GREAT!! This world will always have its troubles.But I believe in many ways, WE NEED TO RETURN TO THE PAST.Its richness, its values.While some changes are good, we lost so much in its wake.BRING IT BACK..FOR THOSE OF US TO REMEMBER AND FOR THOSE yet to discover..The reason this programming is so popular,and keeps coming back with more classics, its timeless and it really was THAT GOOD!!

  5. Wendy Brydge says:

    With all of the violent and explicit crap on television today, a channel dedicated to the wonderful TV shows of old is a God-send! Everyone needs more Dark Shadows in their life!

  6. Fingers crossed that Cincinnati will pick up and air this station! Please, what do we have to do? where do we sign! I would love to see That Girl,The Patty Duke Show, The Real McCoys, Love American Style, Petticoat Junction, even cartoons—–Casper the friendly Ghost and Mighty Mouse would be nice! Dark Shadows would be the BEST!!!!!

    • Brent Gordon says:

      Many of the shows you mention already air on MeTV and AntennaTV. WBNS in Columbus carries AntennaTV and Antenna airs The Patty Duke Show. You may be able to pick up the signal in Cincy. MeTV is channel 5.2 over the air in Cincy and 993/188 on TWC.

  7. Linda Pacheco says:

    Does that Comcast will pass Dark Shadows

  8. Duran Diane says:

    Why isn’t these fabulous classic show available in all cities, Did someone say Dish-net might carry classics, if so, what channel? So sick of today’s programming.

    • willmckinley says:

      Diane – We know of no plans yet for DISH to carry DECADES programming. If that happens it will likely happen after the launch in May. As for availability in all cities, that is surely CBS’ eventual goal. MeTV is available in more than 90% of the US; I’m sure CBS and Weigel would like DECADES to have a similar level of distribution.

  9. beckyplexco says:

    Thank you for the excellent article and for sharing the wonderful news! I’ve shared this to as many of my social media and website connections as I can 😉

  10. Kelly says:

    Call me insensitive b***h I would get Decades tv network when premire here in May in Los Angeles market I be grandfather in right now they do soft launch in certain market so far KCBS hasn’t launch on their 2.2 signal

    Yeah I am insensitive b**** LOL!

    • Brent Gordon says:

      CBS Decades soft launched in Los Angeles on February 3 on channel 2.2.
      I hope TWC adds it. I love MeTV and AntennaTV.

  11. Diane says:

    I hope time warner cable will have it.

  12. Kelly says:

    I am looking this way Diane

    I think if CBS station has station in your area most likely you get it eventually kinda remind me of what happen with Gettv they open up station month after it premire here in Los Angeles area

    I get on OTA channel Gettv on 46.2 which was Univision off spring station it always on Verzion Fios 478

    I think eventually end up on Time warner

  13. Sandra Baire says:

    We need Dark Shadows in Indianapolis Station , I watched Dark Shadows since 1966 , it was great , I use to run home from school to watch it , Please bring it to Indianapolis Stations , we love that show ! Sandra K.Baire , Indianapolis , In.

  14. Collins family fan says:

    We have been watching “Dark SHadows” (streaming) on NetFlix and love it. My husband had never seen it and fell in love with Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins. What a great show from my young childhood days… I had such a huge crush on David Selby (Quentin Collins) and still think he’s absolutely gorgeous:)

  15. Jeff says:

    They should have something called the Irwin Allen Scifi hour, and put the 2 seasons of Land of the Giants, and the one season of The Time Tunnel in that program, so they can show 3 years more of his classic Sci Fi.

    • Brent Gordon says:

      MeTV previously had “Land of the Giants” in their Saturday night Sci-Fi block of shows.
      It may run again once they finish running “Wonder Woman” , “Superman” or “Batman”.
      “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” is on after “Lost in Space”.

  16. David says:

    Actually, there is another supernatural/horror soap opera. IIRC, it came from Canada and only aired here in syndication some time after DS ended. It was called Strange Paradise and was set on a Caribbean island. The protagonist had accidentally released the spirit of an evil twin ancestor and would frequently be possessed by it.

  17. Linda says:

    Does anyone know if Comcast is going to carry this station?

  18. JoAnne DeBenedictis says:

    Is Optimum carrying this? Dark Shadows is my all time favorite soap.

    • gloria vona foley says:

      Another channel showing shows that are on other stations !!!! Put ” DARK SHADOWS ” on !!!!!!!!

  19. b_stoid says:

    I started getting DECADES TV here in Eastern North Carolina, we are very sparsely populated out here (about 3hrs from Raleigh, 20 min to Atlantic Ocean) but it just took the channel that used to be THE LIVE WELL NETWOERK. It is showing days upon days of all. Different series, Doris Day show is “binging” now, the Phil Sivers show had been airing for the past 2 days. It looks like nothing but series marathons until may, then they are going to start a programming schedule. LIVE WELL NETWORK folded from what I understand. I have nothing but free over the air tv for the past 5 years, saving a ton of money and I have like 13 channels, out in the middle of nowhere, but 13 channels are more than enough for me!

    • Kelly says:

      I hear there going be two networks coming ota one is Laff tv network that premire April 15 this year and BuzzR tv which like Game show network back in da day

  20. Charlie says:

    Does anyone know if cable vision will carry this?

  21. Claude says:

    Hulu Plus has Dark Shardows starting with Episode 210 (Barnabus Collins). Wish someone would carry the first 209 episodes with Laura Murdoch Collins, the Phoenix.

  22. Jeff says:

    No sign of channel 62.2 in Detroit. At least not yet.
    Only Channel 62.1 by itself.



  24. Kelly says:

    BTW breaking news last Tuesday KCBS went online with Decades right now I was watching Love American style I get the feeling don’t quote me according to Winperkia I think Dark Shadows would be on Decades go live on May 25 they do soft binge marathon viewing I think there going be weekend only

  25. Reblogged this on The Sick Rose Vampires and commented:
    The original Dark Shadows will be returning to television for a 68-hour marathon beginning Wednesday, May 13!

  26. omg. i was in high school when dark shadows came on. we had to catch two buses, so when we got to the second bus we would stop in kresge’s 5& 10 where they had all of the tv’s turned to dark shadows. we watched then caught the bus home. the manager never bothered us for using their tv’s for our viewing pleasure. just turned on tv and now i have this channel in owings mills md.

  27. Marilyn Simons says:

    Just found this channel within the last week or two as part of Boston’s WBZ. This is a great new channel–I’ve been LOL this past weekend over “Celebrity Bowling”, which I never saw before.Many “gutter balls” from the dear Lennon Sisters! Fun also to see the familiar (and absolutely awful) fashions–bell bottoms, men’s neckscarves, etc. Also had fun watching the “Gomer Pyle” marathon–remembered watching it in grade school originally. I mostly remembered Gomer’s romance with Miss Lou Anne Poovie, but missed those episodes this time. But got to see several which showcased Nabors’ magnificent singing. I CAN’T WAIT FOR DARK SHADOWS!! Had a huge crush on Barnabas back in the day, also on Quentin (David Selby). I was one of the ones who raced home every day to see it–I was in high school then. I still have my collection of the paperback novels based on the series. Hope they show it at a good time when I can see it–too bad when work gets in the way of my TV viewing!

  28. cindy cavaliere says:

    I live in new jersey and I have cable vision for cable the cable company does not think I have what decade t_v or daytona what to channel 2.2 is it to anyway I will be able to watch the dark shadows marathon and is decades t_v something different then cable for dish network and if anyone can help me to how I can get it thank you

  29. mark foster says:

    Can’t wait for this to come on. I watched every show when I was a kid

  30. Phil says:

    FIOS will be carrying it in the 460-499 area, like all other .2 local channels. The bad news is they won’t turn it on until the channel really goes live in May, so no binge for me. 4.2 comes in on my tivo/antenna a bit weak, with a few dropouts, so not worth recording a ‘binge’

  31. pam says:

    i can”t wait. I used to rush home from school just to watch it.

  32. I feel like a school girl again,I can’t wait for “Dark Shadows” to air.I would run home from schoolto watch the show. I just loved it. Please let it be one of regular binge tv series.

  33. I hope they show “Adventures in Paradise” that my next all time favorite series

  34. unique says:

    My God did I really love the binge Mission Impossible. I cried when it went off. I truly hope it comes back on.

  35. unique says:

    Dark Shadows was one of the best, will enjoy this.

  36. John Ward says:

    I have a regular tv that receives the over the air signal but has trouble receiving the local CBS station. I am glad to hear of this but glad that I have Hulu too.

  37. Ann Savitt says:

    I love Dark Shadows, watched the entire series when it was on in the 60s, I saw the movies, the 90s version, the the Johnny Depp movie. I’ve also been to several conventions where aI met Jonathan Frid and other actors from the show

  38. Love Dark Shadows, but I see Dish doesn’t carry yet:(. Hey Will, have you ever researched your McKinley family? My grandfather was a Mckinley from Ga, orig NC. Our granddaughter is named McKinley!

  39. Kelly says:

    Just got home Will I am watching it on KCBS 2.2 here in Los Angeles

  40. Melinda Harrup says:

    Omg!!! Soooo excited to see Dark Shadows!!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!! Grew up knowing that after homework was done mom would let us watch this at 4:00pm like clockwork! No kids were outside playing until 4:30!! Can’t believe that Route 66 has more days than this show!!! I love the decades channel, we only have digital TV, so this channel really does fill a major BIG VOID in our channel viewing. I’m 55 years old, and really do enjoy watching some of the shows that took me and my friends to another world.

  41. Kelly says:

    OH YEAH Will I added my voice last night I was so geek up on Decades facebook last night I am so quoting Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson I am so happy happy happy over Dark Shadows Dark Shadows fans are making Decades FB their b***h LOL!

  42. It’s May 14th and finally the beautiful colored test pattern is gone and guess who’s here Barnabas Collins in my living room, I, like a lot of people have related, hurried home from school to watch Dark Shadows. I love the old shows it’s take you back to better time and place. I live in Lakeland, FL and am so pleased to have a new over the air channel to watch. I have the Clear TV antenna and I receive well over 40 channels. But beware, I keep hearing talk “they” are trying to eliminate over air TV. My PBS stations talk about it a lot. So if “they” (gov, cable channel owners and anyone else that’s drains the funds of the hard working public or in my case a retiree trying to get by on very little money) really do try to do that, let’s all join forces and demand our rights to get something for free, even though we have to watch commercials over and over to be able to watch them. Thanks again for the refreshing change in my TV viewing. Wish you much success!!!!!

  43. Emma says:

    I needed to take a step back from social media and gadgetry so, I turned off my cable and turned on my antenna tv. It’s been most satisfying seeing tv shows of yesteryear. Shows that are called classic, vintage or retro are still young in my mind. Generations now don’t have an appreciation for the art and science of television because, they didn’t live through the evolution of tv.

    I’m only 48 and I remember growing up with no “clicker” (remote control) and everyone arguing over who’s going to get up to change the channel or adjust the rotary antenna. During the summers I was sent to the country who were lucky to have a few channels. Before cable television became a common word, folks mainly received reception for ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and a few oddball channels.

    There was nothing cooler than coming home and Mom and Dad had purchased a new console tv. It was big wood box almost the size of a washing machine. Mom would place her lovely doilies or table runner with a draping plant and nick-nacks. The old tv made its way into another room, usually the basement or oldest kids room.

    Remote controls were the beginning of the ending of television. Convenience became king. You didn’t have to get up to change stations. Then cable television was introduced and many over the air television shows were forgotten. Shows like Miami Vice, Magnum P.I., All in the Family etc. couldn’t compete with HBO. Family live revolving around the living room television began to evolve and change. People stopped watching live tv and began to tape their favorite shows using a VCR and keeping libraries. I won’t get into DVR’s and how everyone mass records yet never really watches the shows they tape.

    I was getting sensory overload with life in general. Too many gadgets and upkeeps and downloads to remember. If I heard the word ‘App’ one more time, I was going to seriously do some damage to something!

    I still have cable tv for the family yet I find myself watching tv alone, in another room on my RCA digital converter box and HD rabbit ear antenna. I enjoy the simplicity of my ‘new’ yet old experience with tv. I reminisce of growing up with Mom, Dad and my siblings sitting around as a family watching shows like Happy Days, Emergency, Dark Shadows etc. The old shows remind me of sitting around at my Grandparents when they enjoyed the classics like McHale’s Navy, Hazel, Gun Smoke. Older shows bookmark passings of my life as like gradeschool days, when everyone had kitchen wall phone to share and you always had to fight to untangle it to stretch into the living room because, Dad didn’t want to miss Hee Haw or Solid Gold. Antenna tv reminds me of community when everyone watched the same thing and had something to talk about the next day.

    We’ve become overloaded as a world community. The world was once made up of small towns and now all of those small towns are connected together by rams and gigabytes of mass storage and internet speeds. The art of television is being lost as shows are being created by the thousands and canceled ever other day. Youtube sensations have replaced the Sunday night lineup of when Disney used to air movies or Mutual Omaha would excite us with mountain lions or otter’s exploring rapid water ways.

    Do yourself a favor folks. Get a digital converter box and antenna and take an hour or two out of your week and flip through ‘over the air’ tv stations. You’re going to enjoy it. You’re going to ask yourself when was that moment in your life when television as you knew it went away. The world fell in love with American television. Brits love American PBS to classics as like Paradise Island, Charlie’s Angeles, Chips etc. If you ask any Brit ‘Who Shot JR?” or what was the ending to Dark Shadows? They’re going to have an answer for you. :O)

  44. eriruby says:

    Great article thanks for the interesting info about how it worked with the licensing! There’s another supernatural daytime drama that was called Port Charles. It ran from 1997-2003 on ABC and at the time people said it was based on Dark Shadows, although now that I’m watching the marathon it doesn’t seem entirely accurate, but certainly inspired by!

  45. Wow it would be wonderful if you could bring back Dark Shadows, what a great serial of all times. I rember it when I was a kid back than , watch it with mom, the baby sitter and friends in the neighborhood all used to come over to our house after school. It was a great time back than movies were good not like the trash we have today.I had a crush on banabas till do. Please bring it back a loyal fan of the time and now of decades too. Thank you sheila g.

  46. Wow it would be wonderful if you could bring back Dark Shadows, what a great serial of all times. I rember it when I was a kid back than , watch it with mom, the baby sitter and friends in the neighborhood all used to come over to our house after school. It was a great time back than movies were good not like the trash we have today.I had a crush on banabas still do. Please bring it back a loyal fan of the time and now of decades too. Thank you sheila g.

  47. Marc says:

    “America’s first – and still only – supernatural daytime drama.” Umm – what about Passions? That ran almost twice as long as Dark Shadows.

    • Claude says:

      Good catch. I loved Passions though they weren’t quite as serious about it as Dark Shadows. Dark Shadows was never MEANT to be campy which is why Johnny Depp’s version was so off-putting to many fans.

      Also, One Life to Live did time travel.

  48. Dana says:

    I really hope they include Dark Shadows on a daily basis. I love this show and have been watching the binge since I stumbled on it last night.

  49. Betty Randolph says:

    Been watching the binge DS showb
    But it went to the sat. Morn. Programming, just before dr. Woodard gets it! Is it going to finish the storyline they originally said it would go to? Anybody know what the deal is? We haven’t changed channels since the marathon started. help! Does anyone know?

  50. antwoin says:

    Hi you said that you would show every episode of the series you are showing you did not show all of dark shadows may i ask why that was 1 of my favorite shows growing up i use to run home from school to catch the next episode you only showed season 1 and part of season 2 it was on for 6 yrs why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you not show it all.

  51. booboo says:

    I just finished watching Dark Shadows. Are u ever going to show the complete show?

  52. Linn says says:

    I was so surprised when I found Dark Shadows and I watched until it ended when the Twilight Zone came on. Are you going to finish the rest of Dark Shadows. You got me interested in the show and I have to watch it to see what happens in the next episode. Don’t leave me hanging. I loved it when it was on years ago and I can’t wait to see it again. It was my favorite soap back then.Please put it back on.

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  54. Marsha says:

    What channel is Decades on? I love Dark Shadows, but haven’t seen it in ages, and if it’s on I’d love to see it again. I’m in Cleveland, Ohio and have WOW basic cable. I need to know what channel Decades is on.

  55. Chaplain Scott Postelnek says:

    Please keep Dark Shadows as a regular program.
    Also I request that it is on late night. When no one knows what is just around the corner.
    Sincerely, Chaplain Scott

  56. Alice says:

    I would like to ask Decades to please make Dark Shadows part of there line up. I can tell you that you would have an increase in viewers.

  57. Ann says:

    Love me some Dark Shadows. Remember watching as a kid after school. Had a big crush on Quentin. I loved the whole Angelique story line as well. I have an LP on the shelf in my closet, with plastic wrap still on it. Seems like it came with a poster at the time. It has different themes on it, Angelique’s, etc. Great music. Also went to see the movies as a kid. They were awesome. I have seen them on TCM before; maybe this time of year (Halloween time). I just thought Dark Shadows was so imaginative. Something adults and kids could sink their teeth into. LOL!!!!!!!
    My brother texted me today, to tell me they were doing a Dark Shadows marathon on Decades tv channel. Sadly we do not get the channel on my Comcast here in the Houston area. I’ve written them, asking when it might become available. Today would have been a perfect Dark Shadows day with hurricane Patricia and all the rain we are getting here in Texas.

    • booboo says:

      Hi I’m in nyc are u getting the heavy rains too? I remember watching Dark Shadows when I was in high school. I saw it on decades a few months ago but I hope this time they show it to the last episode

  58. I just happened upon this channel,when I spotted dark shadows. I love it! why not run it all the time instead of just binges?

  59. elmo says:

    Please tell me why do decade keep cutting off Darwk Shadows.Will they ever showthe whole series.This is the second time it’s been on and both times it’s been cut off my friends & I have been so upset both times.All 28 of us would like to know if you plan on finishing the series Thank you

    • Fran frost says:

      Yes I agree, I have been watching the episodes I DVR last weekend but it has not been on since. I would like to continue watching it , along with all the other people on this site. Hopefully the network will continue where they left off last weekend!

  60. Valiant Burgett says:

    I wish Time warner would carry this station in the Lorain County Ohio area.

  61. sarah says:

    on utube episodes 1 – 492 Then subscribed to hulu, 1 month free. watched ep 210-573 finished up on that now I;m trying to find the next 150 eps, the rest will be on u tube.

  62. chester davis says:

    Decades will you run Dark Shadows again, when? How about the Little Rascals the original black and white loved them!

  63. cherylkrauch says:

    I just stumbled on this and would love to see Dark Shadows again. Watched every day it was on at 4P.

  64. Paula Beyer says:

    Would love to see you run the north and south series with Patrick Swayze not just the first book but all the books very good mini-series then don’t forget Queenie

  65. nancy hecht says:

    i would like to know when dark shadows will resume airing on decades.

  66. Show this series Dark Shadows again in 2016. I just got hip to your station just a couple months ago when I was in the hospital to have my leg amputated. So you could see I have a lot of time to watch TV I love your station and I especially love your business so please do another Dark Shadows band if nothing else for a fallen soldier who depends upon your station to Pastime that in my reading is the only thing that keeps me going I lost my leg ultimately to the war twenty some-odd years ago and that the original invasion of Iraq it’s a long story but the implications of both legs is due to that word sincerely
    Teddy J Keller
    4300 Vrain Street. Apt 512
    Denver, CO 80212

  67. Lisa Roper says:

    Please add Dark Shadows permanently!!!

  68. Betty Giles says:

    We want to c Dark shadow, 🎈🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾

  69. Sherri Rose says:

    They need to remake or do an entire new show of Dark Shadows. Updated would be so exciting and true good look alike or better. Lived this show as a kid.

  70. Lor Ellis says:

    Totally love Dark Shadows binges…but seems it’s always the same set of episodes. Would be.nice to see a later set of episodes for the next binge.

  71. Brian homko says:

    Im glad decades came to the orlando, florida area, im in saint cloud, florida and on disability i’m on a fixed income i can’t afford cable tv anymore I watch many hours of decades tv shows

  72. Love Dark Shadows and I still watch. I notice your last name and that is my mom’s maiden name. Have you researched your family. My McKinley lines are in N.C. into GA.

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