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In Praise of Vintage: 10 Classic TV Shows + Where to Watch Them

“I can’t stand old movies,” my Uncle Tommy once said to me. “Any time I see a guy wearing a hat, I change the channel.” Despite his dismissal of a filmmaking era I love, and have since childhood, I kept … Continue reading

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The 1979 “Rockford Files” Episode that Inspired “The Sopranos”

A gang from Newark’s South Side is hiding Vinnie Martine’s body in a restaurant freezer. Tony’s mad because Anthony Jr. got caught pranking another mobster. And a boss who’s trying to reform gets his mansion sprayed with bullets. Remember that … Continue reading

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UPDATE #3: Classic Soap Opera Comes Back From the Dead – Will Others Follow?

UPDATE 12/28/15 – Updated info in italics Here’s something I probably shouldn’t admit, but what the hell: in 1982 I was a regular viewer of six daytime soap operas: The Edge of Night, The Guiding Light, As the World Turns, Search for … Continue reading

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How a Fox/Time Warner Merger Might Impact Classic Film Fans

“There’s a storm blowin’ up – a whopper, to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry!” Professor Marvel (Frank Morgan) says to Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) in THE WIZARD OF OZ. If you’re a fan of that beloved 1939 MGM film, or … Continue reading

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My Anniversary Gift to You

Over the past three years I’ve written more than 200 articles, reviews, and essays for this site and others. I’ve had a lot of fun and made a lot of money (just kidding), but the best part of the process has … Continue reading

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Ian McKellen & Derek Jacobi Get “Vicious” in New PBS Sitcom

Last Updated: 7/9/14 10:30 a.m. In the second episode of Vicious, a new British sitcom on PBS, over-the-hill actor Freddie Thornhill is invited to a fan club screening of an old Doctor Who episode in which he played a villain. … Continue reading

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July 4th Classic TV & Film Viewing Guide

Last Updated: 7/4/14 3:30 p.m. Most people go to the beach, or a bar-b-que, or engage in some sort of healthy, fresh airy, outdoorsy activity on July 4. Well, call your loved ones (if you have any) and scrap those plans, because … Continue reading

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Adam West vs. “Alice” in 1976

Remember that episode of Alice with Batman’s Adam West as a Sex Ed teacher and Lara Parker – Angelique the witch from Dark Shadows – as a sexually permissive mom? If you’re under 40, you may have answered “no” to that question, … Continue reading

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