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I Discuss Horror Movie Hosts on New Podcast

Over the last five years I’ve co-hosted two classic film podcasts and been a guest on countless others. But my favorite chats have always been with Miguel Rodriguez, host of the Horrible Imaginings podcast. Miguel and I have only met … Continue reading

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Horror Fan Celebrates Halloween w/ Classic Movie Cakes

Halloween is like Comic Con for Old Movie Weirdos. For a few brief weeks, the mainstream sheds its confounding anti-classic bias and embraces our pop culture past. You see it in retro-themed decorations and costumes, old horror movies on TV and in local … Continue reading

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John Zacherle (1918-2016) Horror Host, TV’s Cool Ghoul

Updated 11/1/16 – New info in italics. In the 1950s, the new medium of television was hungry for inexpensive, plentiful content. So local stations turned to classic movies, particularly those of the spooky variety. Fright films from studios like Universal became an … Continue reading

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Remembering Uncle George

“He sounds like a second father,” a friend said when I told him about Uncle George. Honestly, I didn’t need another father. I had two before I was six months old. I never met the first one (his loss) but … Continue reading

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Update #3: TCM + Criterion’s FilmStruck Launches Oct 19

Updated 11/1/16 – New info in italics. Streaming video was supposed to be the great equalizer. With a century’s worth of movies from all genres available on-demand – without the programing or advertising constraints of a linear TV channel  – fans … Continue reading

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