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UPDATE #5: How “The X-Files” Revival Impacts the Original – And Where to Stream it

Updated 1/16/16 – New info in italics. After more than 200 episodes, two feature films, and countless ripoffs loving homages, The X-Files is set to return to TV as a six-episode limited series from creator Chris Carter, with stars David Duchovny and … Continue reading

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Update: TCM Takes First Step to Cutting the Cable Cord

Updated 7/16/15 – new info in italics It’s the news classic film fans have been waiting for: you can now watch Turner Classic Movies without cable or satellite.  Sort of. On Wednesday, Sony launched PlayStation Vue, an Internet-delivered, subscription television service … Continue reading

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UPDATE #2: Robert Osborne Will Miss TCM Film Festival due to “Minor Health Procedure”

Updated 3/20/15 – 2:30 p.m. (ET) In an update posted to the TCM Classic Film Festival website, TCM revealed that the previously scheduled Robert Osborne interview with Sophia Loren at TCMFF will instead be conducted by Edoardo Ponti, Loren’s son with … Continue reading

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Previously Owned: Many Happy Returns

March 14, 2006 I almost forgot that today was my mother’s 71st birthday. I say almost because I finally remembered at 11:16 p.m. And I was presented with a dilemma. My parents, objectively speaking, are old. They live in a … Continue reading

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Shampoo = Sex in SMARTEST GIRL IN TOWN (1936)

I’m a Pre-Code film snob. Or at least I’ve become one in recent years. If a sound film was released before July of 1934 (when enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code censorship guidelines began in earnest), it’s a good bet I’ll … Continue reading

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My TCM Film Fest Memories: AIRPLANE! (1980)

Last night I watched AIRPORT (1970) on Turner Classic Movies and it reminded me of one of my favorite memories from the TCM Classic Film Festival. At the fourth TCMFF in 2013, I joined a motley crew of my Old … Continue reading

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Vote for “Bride of Monster Serial” in the Rondo Awards!

Last year I was honored to be included in Bride of Monster Serial, an anthology of essays about horror films past and present. Edited by Wallace McBride, the book covers an eclectic collection of 40 fright films, from early Talkies like THE BLACK … Continue reading

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