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POW! Classic Film Stars Reimagined as Comic Book Heroes

As Hollywood maps out a future almost entirely reliant on superhero movies – the soft opening of Marvel’s ANT-MAN notwithstanding – it’s important to remember that comic books were not always on Hollywood’s A-list. In their first live-action screen incarnations in the … Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Podcast

This week marks the third anniversary of Cinematically Insane, and nobody is more surprised than I am – except maybe my accountant, who advised me to stop working for free years ago. Not all advice is meant to be heeded, of course, even if … Continue reading

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Screening Report: THE KILLERS (1946) at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

There are many things I like to do outside; watching movies isn’t one of them. Especially in New York City. Especially in the summer. The popularity of outdoor screenings has always baffled me: humidity; bugs; no seats; imperfect projection; ambient … Continue reading

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The Netflix Classics Massacre of 2015

Updated 7/6/15 The comings and goings on Netflix Instant have become headline news for every site on the Internet, with monthly additions and subtractions reported with near-Kardashian fervor. But as Americans dim their digital devices and hit the beaches and barbecues this … Continue reading

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San Diego Movie House Launches 24-Hour Noir-A-Thon Fundraising Campaign

Film noir usually spins tales of extreme behavior in the service of vice. Today in San Diego, two film buffs will push themselves to the limit to use the genre for something virtuous. Beginning at the noirish hour of 3:00 … Continue reading

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Where You Can Watch The Dukes Of Hazzard – And Why You Should

Nothing makes me want to do something more than somebody telling me I can’t. And apparently I’m not alone in that sentiment. After my reporting of TV Land’s cancellation of The Dukes of Hazzard Tuesday kicked off a national media frenzy a day later, the suddenly-controversial … Continue reading

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