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UPDATE: CBS is Colorizing “I Love Lucy.” Here’s Why I’m Okay with That.

Updated 5/20/15 -New info in italics. “The last time I checked, I owned the films that we’re in the process of colorizing,” a television executive said in 1986. “I can do whatever I want with them, and if they’re going to be … Continue reading

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TV is Dead, Long Live TV!

“That people will only watch television like this in the future is so obvious,” Jerry Seinfeld said this week at the Hulu upfront event for advertisers in New York City. Seinfeld was talking about streaming of course, and his message … Continue reading

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UPDATE #7: The Widescreen is Out There: Why Netflix May Be Covering Up “The X-Files” in HD

Updated 1/16/16 -New info in italics. There may be a conspiracy afoot at Netflix worthy of the Cigarette Smoking Man himself. One month after I reported that Netflix was streaming The X-Files in fuzzy, standard definition video transfers, the world’s most popular subscription VOD service has … Continue reading

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BATMAN v SUPERMAN Trailer Re-Cut with Adam West and Christopher Reeve

Holy send-up! Somebody re-cut the awful, ponderous trailer for Zack Snyder’s BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (2016) with the decidedly non-ponderous Christopher Reeve as Superman and Adam West as Batman. Cinema geek Bobby Burns on YouTube intercut scenes from Richard Donner’s SUPERMAN: … Continue reading

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UPDATE: “Lost in Space” Launches on Blu-ray September 15

Updated 4/7/15 – New info in italics. I don’t remember exactly when I watched Lost in Space for the first time, but I do recall the following details: it was sometime in the mid-1970s; it was on my grandmother’s Zenith (with the remote control … Continue reading

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UPDATE #5: How “The X-Files” Revival Impacts the Original – And Where to Stream it

Updated 1/16/16 – New info in italics. After more than 200 episodes, two feature films, and countless ripoffs loving homages, The X-Files is set to return to TV as a six-episode limited series from creator Chris Carter, with stars David Duchovny and … Continue reading

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“In Search Of…” Leonard Nimoy’s 1970s Reality Show

Leonard Nimoy called his 1975 autobiography I Am Not Spock. For me, at least at the time, that sentiment was accurate. I first discovered Nimoy, who died today at age 83, as the host and narrator of In Search Of…, a weekly “documentary” series focusing on … Continue reading

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50 Years of THE ODD COUPLE

The Odd Couple has been rebooted so many times in the last half century it’s difficult to keep track without a Felix Unger-style spreadsheet. So, as sloppy sports reporter Oscar Madison and persnickety photographer Felix Unger move in together again, this time on CBS in the … Continue reading

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“Welcome Back, Kotter” wife Marcia Strassman (1948-2014) Remembered on MeTV

When actress Marcia Strassman, best known for her role as Julie Kotter on ABC’s Welcome Back, Kotter (1975-79), was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer in March of 2007, she took on a new role: patient advocate. Strassman became an active fund-raiser and … Continue reading

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Take a Trip in the Hollywood Time Machine

Cancel your Saturday night plans, because I’ll be guest co-hosting the inaugural episode of Hollywood Time Machine with Alicia Mayer live tonight at 9 p.m. (ET) on L.A. Talk Radio. Guests include Victoria Wilson, author of A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel True … Continue reading

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