The Faces of TCM Remembers 2014

936full-lauren-bacallBreak out the Kleenex, because the 2014 edition of TCM Remembers is here.

In mid-December of every year, TCM honors the cinematic luminaries we’ve lost in the last twelve months with an emotional assemblage of film clips, artfully rendered still images, and newly shot framing footage, scored with an emotional piece of popular music. It’s an annual moment of reflection and catharsis for classic films fans, and an opportunity to pay one final tribute to beloved figures we’ve lost. This year’s montage is a powerful piece of filmmaking, covering a period in which an inordinate number of icons left us: Shirley Temple, Lauren Bacall, Mickey Rooney, and James Garner, among many others – along with gone-too-soon contemporary performers like Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Annex - Temple, Shirley_21TCM Remembers 2014 includes original framing footage shot on the grounds of the Swan House, an historic Atlanta mansion completed in 1928 for the Edward H. Inman family. The music track is “All I Want,” an ethereal ballad by the Irish rock band Kodaline which was also featured in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. The montage opens with an image of Eli Wallach from THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1960) and concludes with truly tear-jerking vocals of Shirley Temple singing “Auld Lang Syne” from WEE WILLIE WINKIE (1937). In between, the film honors 68 actors, directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, visual designers, make-up artists and stuntmen. There’s even a shot of Frank Mankiewicz, the journalist, political strategist and father of TCM host Ben Mankiewicz.

The five-minute film debuted on-air today, and is also posted on TCM’s YouTube page.  TCM Remembers 2014 was produced by TCM’s Andrew Alonso and directed and edited by Scott Lansing of Sabotage Film Group.

Here’s a list of the unforgettable faces in TCM Remembers 2014:

072014-kabc-garner11. Eli Wallach, actor
2. Mickey Rooney, actor
3. Richard Attenborough, actor/director
4. Maximilian Schell, actor
5. Gordon Willis, cinematographer
6. Frank Yablans, producer
7. Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor
8. Andrew V. McLaglen, director
9. Donald Sinden, actor
10. Saul Zaentz, producer
11. Mike Nichols, filmmaker
12. George Sluizer, director
13. James Rebhorn, actor
14. Birgitta Valberg, actress
15. Bob Hoskins, actor
16. Joan Rivers, comedian/actresseli-wallach-768
17. Alicia Rhett, actress
18. Jacques Bergerac, actor
19. Paul Mazursky, writer/director/actor
20. Elaine Stritch, actress
21. Menahem Golan, producer/director
22. Alain Resnais, director
23. Brian G. Hutton, director
24. Ralph Waite, actor
25. Gottfried John, actor
16. Carla Laemmle, actress
27. Angus Lennie, actor
28. Don Keefer, actor
29. Keiko Awaji, actress
30. Joan Lorring, actress
31. H.R. Giger, visual designer
32. Herb Jeffries, Actormickey-rooney-5
33. Lauren Bacall, actress
34. Dickie Jones, actor
35. Juanita Moore, actress
36. Ken Takahura, actor
37. Gary McLarty, stuntman
38. Lorenzo Semple Jr., screenwriter
39. Ann Carter, actress
40. Martha Hyer, actress
41. Marc Platt, actor
42. Ken Thorne, composer
43. Mary Anderson, actress
44. Shirley Yamaguchi, actress
45. Renee Asherson, actress
46. Oswald Morris, cinematographer
47. Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., actorAnnex - Bergen, Polly_01
48. James Shigeta, actor
49. Richard Kiel, actor
50. Audrey Long, actress
51. Karlheinz Bohm, actor
52. Rosemary Murphy, actress
53. Frank Mankiewicz, journalist
54. Donatas Banionis, actor
55. Russell Johnson, actor
56. Polly Bergen, actress
57. Stefan Gierasch, actor
58. Richard Schaal, actor
59. Shoji Yasui, actor
60. Dick Smith, make-up artist
61. Stanley Rubin, writer/producer
62. Sid Caesar, actor
63. Harold Ramis, writer/director/actor
64. Geoffrey Holder, actor
65. Robin Williams, actor
66. Ruby Dee, actress
67. James Garner, actor
68. Shirley Temple, actress

Kudos to all involved on another fine job.

And here are the individual TCM Remembers montages for Shirley Temple (who died on February 10), Mickey Rooney (April 6), Eli Wallach (June 24), James Garner (July 19), and Lauren Bacall (August 12).

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I'm a New York City-based writer, video producer, print journalist, radio/podcast host, and social media influencer. I've been a guest on Turner Classic Movies (interviewed by Robert Osborne), NPR, Sirius Satellite Radio, and the official TCM podcast. My byline has appeared in and more than 100 times in the pages of NYC alt weeklies like The Villager and Gay City News. I'm also a social media copywriter for Sony's getTV and a contributor to four film-and-TV-related books: "Monster Serial," "Bride of Monster Serial," "Taste the Blood of Monster Serial," and "Remembering Jonathan Frid."
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29 Responses to The Faces of TCM Remembers 2014

  1. le0pard13 says:

    So many favorites to be found on this. Sad to think of them gone when they enthralled us so completely onscreen.

    • It will only get worse if you noticed there are a lot of famous great actors in their 80’s now…I figure within the next five years we’re going to be losing some of the most famous and tremendous actors there are . what’s sad is we’re being left with so much garbage now!!!! It’s nothing like it was in the past. Sad!

  2. Jill McKnight says:

    Misty Upham? I know Mary Ann Mobley was too recent to be included…

  3. *sniff* Thanks for this great write-up Will. It’s sad to say, but I look forward to the TCM tributes every year. They’re always SO well done! x

  4. Kelly says:

    That was best one to date on Turner classic movies up there did Hollywood blvd nights by some jazz singer back in mid 2000s this you tube made me all the time I already seen it ready see on Twitter Facebook and you tube also On TCM TV

  5. Randi says:

    I just happened upon it while switching around the stations w the remote. It was well done. Went to see “Xmas in Connecticut” today @ a local library w my father. The audience, including us,were quite amused & it was a quite a comfort in being part of & hearing the laughter in the room all @ the same time! Especially knowing that these people, again , including us, have seen this movie many times before today & will watch it again & again @ this season as time goes by…

  6. V.E.G. says:

    May their memory be eternal!

  7. I was good with this year’s “TCM Remembers” until the very last scene with Shirley Temple. Then I had to grab the tissue.

    These are always exceptionally well done. Truly works of art.

  8. PALADIN says:

    The part that really got me was the shot of Robin Williams, coinciding with the lyric refrain;

    ‘If you love me, why did you leave me?”

  9. doriscorea25 says:

    The one that brought tears to my eyes was Bacall & Bogey kissing and hearing him say “I’ll be waiting”! I picture Bogey enveloping Bacall in his arms and kissing her again in heaven! All of those passed on are with us always and TCM brings them to us!

  10. Doug Miller says:

    Thanks for this and all the other great posts! Just found the one about aspect ratios on planes, etc. , from earlier in the year. Extremely funny. Still sorting out my Watch TCM app. Meanwhile, do you have any insight on the Fathom operations? The White Christmas anniversary event I went to was all messed up (including no extras). Anyone else attend this event?

  11. Gil L Aguilar says:

    Where was this filmed ? Looks so like The Swan House in Atlanta, GA.

  12. K. Standifer says:

    Everyone’s photos and names FLASHED way too quickly! Slow it down!!!
    Otherwise a work of art and beautifully done.

  13. Kelly says:

    BTW Gettv just announced for January star of the month they show boston Blackie movies on Thursday in January

  14. Joan Schmidt says:

    I agree always well done however the name and faces flash to quickly maybe include just a brief bio that reminds of these great artist works.

  15. gary says:

    An amazing piece of film. I am not a person who is easily moved. The sentiment and shear loss of talent depicted in the 2014 tribute moves me to tears each time I watch it. It is worthy itself of recognition and award. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to formally recognize and remember so many who have touched my life through culture and film.

  16. Joachim says:

    Elizabeth Pana

  17. Rew says:

    I have watch this several times since it began in mid December. But as I watched I noticed how little screen time was given to those we lost compared to the mansion and it’s grounds. Strange editing. I began timing and found an average of 1.3 seconds for the stars and 3.2 for the mansion and grounds. So is the objective to remember and honor those we lost in 2014 or demonstrate one’s editing skills and production techniques?

    • BrentK says:

      Longer times per person would of produced a slide show and clips of those we lost in 2014… Not that creative. Instead, the piece tells a story in a way those lost play a roll. The story telling format and content are well done. Production techniques are basic but dramatic (use and technique of very good lenses with DOF)… And very important, not overdone. Music is well synced. Finally, the approx 5 min piece flows with a fitting rhythm editors strive for and viewers will only notice if not done correctly.

      It is a very good example of writing, editing, production, and style. Good job Andrew Alonso and Scott Lansing

    • Mary M. says:

      I was also disappointed with what appeared as a “rush” approach. I so enjoy this annual tribute to the ones lost but this past year there were many. Is it appropriate to ask if the production needs to keep within the time constraints of the music selected? Once the face would appear, I hardly had time to read the name. I certainly appreciate the time and talent put into this production – always topnotch. 2014 just a bit fast (IMHO)

  18. Bradford
    They are always very well put together and so touching, but the names and faces go by much too fast.

  19. julio salazar says:

    Movita brando has died. An actress in her own right. She was franchot tones tahitian girlfriend in the original 1935 mutiny on the bounty. She is on imdb for sll her credits. Ex wife of marlon brando and was mother to 2 of his children.born dec 4 1917 died feb 12 2015. Age 97 it would be nice to include her in the remembrances portion of your programing schedule. Thank you. Julio salazar, her nephew.

  20. Hedda Britt says:

    Also felt it was more rushed and not as much credit to those who died. A nice background is good but it should not be about the house. Also, what about Frank Avianca, writer, producer, actor. Died Feb 26, 2014. Was also known as one of the Winter Dance party singers back in the day of when Big Bopper and Richie Valens died in the plane crash.

  21. V.E.G. says:

    Lauren Bacall was once married to the cousin of H. Neal Glanville. Glanville was the cousin of Jason Robards.

  22. V.E.G. says:

    Also, one day after Don Keefer passed away, Linda Lee (Dickson) Jardine went Home to be with the Lord. Jardine was a school teacher in Colorado, and no obituary exists due to her daughter said to me, “We didn’t do one.” Both of her children lives in the Western United States.

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