My Girlfriend Has a Thing for TCM Host Ben Mankiewicz…

But really, who doesn’t?

My girlfriend, falling all over Ben Mank at the 2012 TCM Classic Film Fest. How adorbs.

So, of course, we’ll be watching Ben host the movie-themed reality competition Hot Set, tonight at 10 PM (EDT) on SyFy.

Here’s some video of Ben at work on Hot Set to whet your whistle (assuming it’s not already whet).

About willmckinley

Will McKinley is a New York City-based writer, producer, arts + culture reporter, radio/podcast host, and #OldMovieWeirdo. He’s been a guest on Turner Classic Movies (interviewed by host Robert Osborne), NPR, Sirius Satellite Radio, and the official TCM podcast. Will has written for PBS and his byline has appeared in and than 100 times in the pages of NYC alt weeklies like The Villager and Gay City News. He's also a contributor to four film-and-TV-related books: "Monster Serial," "Bride of Monster Serial," "Taste the Blood of Monster Serial," and "Remembering Jonathan Frid."
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2 Responses to My Girlfriend Has a Thing for TCM Host Ben Mankiewicz…

  1. kleeyaro says:

    Ben is a cutie for sure! I wish he had kept his beard, though.

  2. Micha'el Tallant says:

    hated him in the beard and think he looks much better without it. He looked like Snidely Whiplash with the beard….

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